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But the reality is…

You may feel powerless to overcome your diagnosis.

You may not be sure of which options will best deal with the real cause of your disease.

You may question the trustworthiness of natural and alternative treatments.

You may be concerned if wholistic options will be supported by family and friends.

Hartland Cancer Care Center provides natural therapies and evidence-based modalities to empower you to fight cancer.

Everyone deserves to know their options.

With 35 years of experience using natural, non-toxic, non-invasive, and evidence-based treatments, our center has helped many cancer guests improve their quality of life. These modalities can also complement any standard medical therapy you may choose.

Our 17-day Intensive Cancer Care Program™ is focused on the whole person. We offer the personal and spiritual touch to help you through your health journey.

Here's how it works


Call for a free 45-min consultation


Select the dates that fit your schedule


Attend the 17-day Intensive Cancer Care Program™


Fight cancer!

Join our Cancer Coaching Program™ to keep you accountable

A great number of our cancer guests report a remission response as they continue the program at home.

Changing your lifestyle could improve your odds the way it has done for many of our past guests.

Read the stories of real warriors who have changed their own outcomes.


When I was diagnosed with colon cancer, I didn’t want chemotherapy and opted for surgery. Knowing the risk of surgery for an 89-year-old, I informed my son and he advised me to go through Hartland’s program…


After I got my official diagnosis: stage 4 pancreatic (neuroendocrine) cancer, my doctor’s exact words to me were “we can’t take it out”…


I found a lump in my breast that was malignant. The doctors recommended a mastectomy with chemotherapy and radiation, but I knew that would make me sick…


This experience can be yours today. Give us a call to see how we can work together in overcoming cancer.

Start treating the root cause.

You can help you!

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