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The 17-day Intensive Cancer Care Program™ is an investment in learning a new lifestyle that has the potential to change cancer outcomes. The cost is $9,700.00. The whole program includes:

  • Private accommodations

  • Low-fat, cholesterol-free, total plant-based cuisine

  • Cancer education lectures

  • Health education lectures

  • Hands-on cooking classes

  • Strategic home planning classes

  • Stress management assessment

  • Personal lifestyle and wellness evaluation

  • Physician physical and consultation

  • Lab work

  • Intravenous vitamin C treatments

  • Ozone therapies

  • Juicing and herbal supplementation

  • Detox Poultices

  • Charcoal detox bath

  • Thermal immune bath

  • Infrared sauna

  • Contrast Treatments

  • Coaching Sessions

  • Exercise classes

  • Spiritual support

  • Weekend activities

  • Lots of personal attention and care

  • BONUS: 3-Month Health Coaching

  • BONUS: Access to Online Smart Health Program

A 10% deposit secures the session dates.

Call us today for more information and details.

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