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After I got my official diagnosis: stage 4 pancreatic (neuroendocrine) cancer, my doctor’s exact words to me were “we can’t take it out.” After receiving one chemotherapy treatment I told my wife, “I don’t want to go through this anymore. I’d rather die.” I had 40 percent of my pancreas removed, along with my spleen and the lymph nodes surrounding my pancreas. This resulted in my having diabetes and becoming permanently insulin dependent. After researching several places, I decided to go to Hartland Cancer Care Center. During my fourth week at Hartland, my cousin Carolyn Lord, a nurse, came to learn how to do fever treatments. After I left Hartland, my wife and my cousin did the fever treatments regularly. We did exactly what Hartland taught us to do. After fifteen months of excellent progress in health, I visited my doctor and he told me, “Keep on doing whatever you’re doing. It’s working well.” I am praising God for healing and for every new day of life, along with my family and friends! Now, I still must deal with my issue with diabetes, but I am still around, eight years after my diagnosis, and I am thankful!
This experience can be yours today. Give us a call to see how we can work together in overcoming cancer.

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